Screen Printing

We have the ability to fulfill any size screen printing order, whether you’re looking for 10 or 10,000 pieces printed. We work with businesses of all sizes, all of the country and would love to add you to the list!

How does Manateez Screen Printing Work?

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, involves creating a stencil known as a screen, and using it to transfer ink onto various printing surfaces such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, bags, shorts, uniforms and more. This printing method is very well known and has been around for over one thousand years. For each individual color of a design, a separate screen is needed. The more colors in a design, the more screens are required to produce the final result. The more screens required, the longer the set up is per order. Due to designs being transferred and permeated directly onto garments with pressure, they tend to last the longest. 

Ink used for screen printing is thicker in viscosity and is applied in a heavier manner which results in brighter and bolder designs. Due to this set up, screen printing allows for any color combination on any color shirt to be successful. Screen printing is the best option for clients looking to produce speciality products or garments with vibrant designs. Although Manteez does not have a print minimum, due to longer set up times, the suggested order minimum for a traditional screen printing run is no less than 12 pieces. 

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