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A Letter from Hugh

We pride ourselves on approaching each order as if it was our own and work tirelessly to ensure every design, print job, and/or custom product is meticulously accurate and of the highest quality possible. 

Whether you’re looking to create truly unique branding for your business, produce your team’s next apparel package, create custom merch for your book club or bachelor party, or even need production and fulfillment support for your own storefront, we’re here to bring your ideas to life. 

We are a family at Manateez and treat every client and customer as if they were part of our herd, with kindness, dignity and respect. We like to say we put humanity into Manateez. 

Give us a call or drop me an email anytime at hugh@manateezdesign.com! We look forward to helping you create a memorable experience!


Hugh Manatee
Chief Manateez Officer

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