Direct to Garment Printing

Your designs should be limitless

Direct to Garment or D2G Printing is a fairly new process to the industry. We first work with a client to create custom artwork, then process it in our computer system and print directly on a chosen item. Once processed, our D2G printer transfers ink directly onto the surface of chosen garments. Digital printing allows us to provide clients with the option of very small print minimums since there are no screens to create and a very minimal setup process.  It’s important to note that D2G printing is considered digital printing and is not a heat transfer or screen printing method. Garments also tend to have a softer smoother feel to them due to thinner amounts of ink being applied.

Digital printing is the best method of printing for items that have multiple (more than 5) colors per design or require highly detailed printing. By not using traditional screens found in screen printing to print designs, our D2G printer produces much for detailed prints per item. Due to printing inks being applied thinner on garments, digital printing methods favor lighter colors shirts with darker colored inks.   

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