Stand Out With Bold Designs

Manateez Design is focused on providing a smooth creative process for every client, inspiring them to build their brand one design at a time.


Our design team turns your visions into reality by creating the perfect presentation across multiple platforms.

Logo Design

From ideation to execution, our team helps you design the perfect logo that fits your brand's personality.

Style Guides

Let's determine your brand's core personality traits through color and design- then create all the elements that really make it stand out.

Company Graphics

Whether you're looking to run an ad campaign or create visually compelling Instagram posts, our graphic design team takes your brand's personality and brings it to the forefront.

Print Marketing Design

Let's create eye-catching print marketing materials that capture your brand's core offerings in the most exciting ways.

White Label Services

Leave the stressful part of your business to us. We print, pack, and ship your items so you don't have to!

Web Design

Work with our team to craft a beautiful website that brings your brands core offerings to the forefront.

Ad BAnners

Build custom images to tell your story and promote your products across the Internet or create a beautiful gallery.

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