About us

Manateez Apparel helps bring your designs to life.

What We Do: Whether you’re looking to create your sports team’s next apparel package, a truly unique logo for your business or customized apparel items, we’re here to help. Manateez is known for its teez on Amazon, but we love working with clients to bring their own designs to life in a personal and customized way. Philanthropically driven, our customers - both local and across the US - are what's most important to us at the end of the day.
Teez Are Our Business: Feel free to check out listings here or on our Amazon Shop for an extensive look at all of our famous teez, tanks, hoodies and more! We’ve been around, designing thought-provoking teez for years now - so there’s plenty to choose from! Browse everything you need; from funny and clever...to just plain witty.
We Love to Help Others Grow Their Businesses: Ask us about our White Label E-Commerce Opportunities! Why do all the work when you don’t have to? Leave it to us to host your items on our site, initiate the sale....then pack and ship them! We work with many gym owners, online stores, and independent clothing designers & artists with their own apparel lines looking to simplify the B2C selling process, increase profitability, and decrease the stress!
Feel free to contact us at any time at ManateezApparel@gmail.com to send us a request, chat about your next custom creation or partner up with us for your next venture!
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